Legacy by Jamie Badman and Colin Miller




When you create a smash hit like Heirloom, it’s hard to come up with something else that beats it. But that’s just what Jamie Badman and Colin Miller have done.

Legacy resonates so well with audiences because of the story you tell. The glimpse back in time. It has that emotional hook that Vernon always urged people to find in their presentations.

This new, updated version of legacy includes all of the props and gimmicks you need, plus fully updated video instructions so that you can learn this fantastic trick within just a few minutes.

What Happens?

You tell your audience about your grandfather, who was a gambler. He performed one trick, and you have the same cards that he used to use. You always carry them with you because it makes you feel closer to him. You remove a wallet, and take out 5 antique cards. You explain how, even from the grave, your grandfather can still trick people. One of the five cards is freely selected (no force) by the spectator, and you then prove your grandfather knew which card they would pick. Every. Single. Time.

You get everything you need to perform this close up miracle in the box. Even the custom faux leather wallet – which has a special feature you need to make the trick work.

Legacy is easy to do and involves no sleight of hand. The method works is self-working!