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Live and Let Dai by Robert Ramirez (PDF)




“A perfect mystery. A classic plot, and a brilliant solution. And it’s a perfect, perfect, perfect mystery!” – Jim Steinmeyer

“This is as clean a Triumph as I’ve ever seen. And it’s easy! Magicians are gonna love this.” – John Lovick

“This fooled me…twice. I tried to convince Robert to NOT release this. It’s too good and too clean” – Brent Geris

For the FIRST TIME EVER, you get specially printed cards by the USPCC that work with almost ANY deck of cards! Bicycle, Tally Ho, Bee, Dragon Back, Elites, Turners and even Phoenix decks (in any color) are perfect for Live and Let Dai.

Works for strolling magic, close-up magic and even in Parlour settings! You can even perform this in an Aston Martin. This was at both HIT at Magic Live 2018, and Blackpool 2019!

Comes with a FULL color booklet (yes, you’ll have to READ)

If you can rifle shuffle you can do this routine!