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Luis Carreon Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?

Tricks from the border:

Your mind in my pocket- A thought of card in pocket
Guilt- Part NFW part wild card a monster routine
Los Corazones- Sponge hearts routine
Danzas de monedas- 3 coin routine vanishes and appearance no shell required
The Invisible Palm- Luis touches on a great routine that takes it to next level
up and down aces- based on a Eddie fields classics, this is Luis to go effect.
The Soul of the deck- If you can take an old principal and revamped this it.
Duplicao de disenho- One of the fairest drawing duplication with business cards, perfect for the bar.
El Olvido- A new take on Paul harris Cue cards.
Elementos- we will cover new cuts and shuffle techniques for the card table guys.

On This Jam-packed Lecture, Luis will take you on a ride with his time tested routines that have been perfected over the years. You will find solid material that is practical for everyday use, from cards to coins from old to new – this lecture has something for everyone. Along the way, Luis will share moves and subtleties that will add a touch of class to your magic. So, grab some cards and coins and get ready for the ride.