Magicians of Asia Bundle 7 by Yohei Hawabata, Tae Sang and Uni




This month we are featuring Uni, Tae Sang and Yohei.

Symphony by Yohei – You place four aces to the side and have a card selected. With a shake, the ace of spades turns over, indicating that the selection is a spade. Then, the four aces suddenly transform into a full suit, ace through king. There is one card missing though: the selection.

Ring in Bio by Uni – A creative routine in which a borrowed ring penetrates on and off a pair of headphones.

I Want Some Chocolate by Tae Sang – In this Spellbound routine, you will learn a whole collection of coin sleights which will allow you to pull off some sensational changes. A half dollar changes into a Copper coin, and then a Chinese coin, and then back again. It happens quickly, so don’t blink.