Marcelo Insua Penguin Live Online Lecture 3




What will he teach?
Open Predictions- 2 original methods.

ACAAN- Two original routines, one of them never revealed, in both routines magician don’t touch the deck.

Invisible Deck and Incredible Coincidence

Tossed-out Deck- New method.

Shuffled Deck Routine- Suit revelation, Same shuffled deck, magician finds every single card in the deck, but he is totaly blinded. As great finale, magician takes the shuffle deck and finds the aces and orders every single suit, in just 4 seconds. 4 different switch of card are used, 3 of them never revealed before.

One Coin Routine- with the new Triple TUC.

Coin across- A new and very clean method performed at the people hands.

Ambitious coin- With regular coins.

Blinded- The Magician goes to the spectators and guesses the people’s objects.