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Mental Picture App by Gee Magic (APK Android)




Gee Magic and Gustavo Sereno bring you Mental Picture, an app that will allow you to perform easy and powerful mentalism.

The magician gives the phone to the spectator so that he cannot be able to manipulate and it can be in full view since the beginning. Next, he asks a spectator to think of any number. The spectator can say it out loud or he can right it down to avoid any voice detectors suspicious.

Then, the magician tells the spectator that he took a nice photo with an interesting number. The spectator himself goes to the photo gallery scrolls it down and when he opens the last photo, there is an image of the magician holding a paper with the freely chosen number.

If you want to you can also predict any playing card, with no forces, stooges or elimination process.

Buy now the “Mental Picture” and have a killer effect into your pocket just ready to amaze your spectators at any time.

-Mental Picture does not uses stooges or pre show work
-You can customize your picture
-The spectator can choose a number between 1 and 10.000
-You can predict any named playing card
-Very easy to preform
-Mental picture is available Android