Mental Waltz by Lewis Le Val




After shuffling the deck, your spectator is instructed to begin dealing cards face down whilst spelling their own name, one card for each letter. The card they arrive at is memorised, and can be written on one side of a business card.

The deck is mixed again and handed to a second spectator who repeats this process, dealing cards and spelling their own name. The card they arrive at is memorised and can be written on the other side of the business card.

It can then be revealed that even though the deck was shuffled and mixed, both spectators had miraculously managed to arrive at the exact same card! Leaving them with a double sided souvenir that they created themselves.

Works every time.
Instantly repeatable.
They can spell anything. (Doesn’t have to be names)
The deck can be examined and shuffled by spectators. It can also be borrowed.
ZERO sleight of hand.
No mental efforts required by the performer. (Nothing to memorise or calculate)