Michael Vincent Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What willl he teach?
Features his Castle Opener- Classic Coin Magic inspired by Dr Saws, Slydini, Vernon, Roth, Gallo. This is a masterpiece of or Routining.

The Intuition Speller- Michael’s favourite Opener when presented with a borrowed Deck

Out of Sight, Out of Mind- Created by Vernon funded by Michael for maximum impact

Synergy Plus- Don’t miss this. This effect is Michael’s re-structured handling of his fabulous routine Synergy. This presentation is a recent addition which comes with a big pay off.

52 Factorial- Michael’s thoughts and ideas on The Any Card at Any Number plot. What makes this routine so impressive is the staging, frame work and psychological management.

Sure Fire Aces- This routine is common sense thinking as far as cutting the Aces is concerned. It looks great from a layman’s point of view. This is a study is remembering what it was like to see magic for the first time.

Aces for Connoisseurs- This is my tribute to my dear friend and first ever mentor in magic, Cy Endfield.