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MirrahcleMaths (Magic and Mentalism for Android and Apple phones)




Go BEYOND the number forces with the unusual and unexpected Card routines of MirrahcleMaths.

Detailed tutorial about:

SINGLE and DOUBLE number forces
Give wings to your imagination with these super easy to set up mirrahcles.

THINK-A-CARD presentation
Give them a crib, then ask them to think of a playing card (no force). The crib will translate their calculation result into their thought of card.

NAME A CARD presentation
A very easy routine with bold presentation, that you will love.

WEDDING presentation
Let the bride and groom reveal eachother’s secrets. This would be a great start for their new life together.

BIRTHDAY CARD presentation
You give the spectator a birthday card with a secret message. The message is not whole. Even though your spectator doesn’t know that, they fills all the gaps and complete the message.

MORPHING revelation
Let their number visually morph into their playing card

Two versions to match your choice and skills.

DUAL presentation (TRIPLE prediction)
– As performed on the demo –
A Thought of card, A Number and A very unexpected revelation of another card.
They would have never anticipated this coming.

Perform without touching the phone – ever.
Or set up right in front of their eyes.
Choice is yours.

Examinable instantly.

There is nothing the audience can click or do, to fail your prediction and performance.

The set up does NOT get erazed even if you switch the phone off.

BONUS routine:

Spectator’s Though of number, added to your calculation will result in another Spectator’s Though of number.
NO NEED TO HIDE – show them your ENTIRE calculation – they will not see anything they shouldn’t.
– ANY time,
– ANY spectator
No need to ask for a spectator with an iPhone.
You can perform this on ANY PHONE, yes, ANY phone.