Money Switch by Mickael Chatelain




If I give you a ten euro note, can you turn it into a 20 euro note for me?

I’m sure that both you and I have heard this request zillions of times.

Money-Switch is a result of all that.
I wanted to answer “yes” to all who asked me that question; I wanted to show them that yes, it’s possible.
I wanted simple and natural movements and a completely invisible transformation!

I’ve been doing Money-Switch for years now and I always have it on me in my wallet, ready to bring the wishes of my spectators to life!
You’ll no doubt do the same.

Hold a genuine banknote at the tips of your fingers, let’s say a 10 Euro note.
Your jacket sleeves are rolled up and, aside from the banknote itself, your hands are empty.
Explain that you’ll need only three second to double the value of the note!

Believe me, you’ll now have the full attention of your spectators and for good reason!