Morgan and West Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will they teach?
Morgan & West: More Magic For Kids
Half an hour of amazing magic for kids and childish grown-ups that packs small, plays big, and can be done by the solo performer with ease*!
*Mr West not included, nor is he necessary.
All of these tricks play brilliantly for kids and adults alike and have been performed as part of our stage shows hundreds and hundreds of times across the world.

A Very Quick Trick- This is Morgan & West’s use of the nest of bottles prop, you’ll never look at them the same way again!

Colour Everywhere!- A multi-phase routine involving changing pictures, dual reality for children(!), pulling colour from objects, all finishing up with a colour changing costume.

The Bullet Catch!- A bullet catch for kids with a toy bang gun. Eight minutes of nonsense and wonder from the smallest and simplest of props.

Sacculo est Ovum!- Get kids involved with this multi-phase egg bag routine. Part 1 the kid does the magic. Part 2 is 14 coloured eggs from one bag. Part 3 the bag turns into an egg. Perfect to get them shouting along.