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Neti Neti by Sudo Nimh (PDF)





For many years, I have been enamored with Al Koran’s “Note Under Cup” routine (based off a Hummer principle.) It is a location of a borrowed bill hidden under one of three opaque glasses. A common variation to the effect is to reveal the serial number of the bill afterwards. As much as I love the effect, there has always been a few issues I’ve had with the method. While you are turned away, the participant can freely swap two cups at a time and as many times as they wish as long as they call out the positions of the two cups being swapped each time. I wanted to get away from this entirely and have the spectators say NOTHING at all and not even have any idea of how many swaps they made either. Also, I wanted them to TRULY BE ABLE to swap the cups around in any fashion at all – literally 100% free mixing with absolutely NO restrictions. In addition, I end with the PARTICIPANT divining the serial number on the bill using “Serial Thriller” (available at my site) instead of ME – making THEM the star! How powerful is that?

Well, “Neti Neti” achieves all of this with ease! The Koran effect is great, but I think that the main reason why you don’t see it featured by more performers are for the inherent drawbacks I mentioned. If you could really do this for real, this is EXACTLY what it would like. “Neti Neti” uses a VERY simple idea to do this and has these features:

– NO – the three cups are NOT m****d
– No finger rings (or the things associated with that idea) Smile
– In fact, there are ZERO gimmicks!
– No “hairy” issues. Smile
– Can use any objects that are suitable such as three shells and a pea, 3 bottle caps and a dime, playing cards, photos – the method is extremely flexible
– Bill introduced at the beginning is the bill used throughout
– Participant says NOTHING and NO questions are ever asked
– Complete and absolute freedom in mixing without limitations
– Participant also has zero restrictions and completely free choice as to where they hide the bill or object and your back is turned when they do so
– No finger counting or mental calisthenics
– Can be performed completely impromptu