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Nicolas Pierri Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
A 25-30 minute show with easy to acomplish (almost self working miracles), but very, very powerful Magic. Every effect leads to the next and the first piece is connected to the last, creating a full circle sensation of satisfaction.

I Came Prepared- Is an introduction to the complete act and will leave us with a recurrent laitmotive or running gag that will be used during all the act.

The Trick That Never Works- Its seemingly a funy card to my pocket gag but at the end everything makes sense and a thought of card magicaly travels.

Mystery Card- Here a mystery card will transform into a thought of card in a very interesting, entertaining, and mysterious manner.

Decisions- This is one of Nicolas’ pet routines. An spectator selects a card but then he find it by himself in the cleanest way you can think off and the whole routine has an inner deep meaning that will remind your audience of the power of magic and decisions for ever.

I Came Prepared (Part 2)- Now we will come back to that warranty we left aside at the begining of the show in the most magical way possible.