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Out of the Country by Luke Turner (PDF)





I am super excited to finally be able to share this with you!
With the blessing of Kenton Knepper the suggestions of Fraser Parker, Peter Turner and the help of Christophe Jelinski
comes my latest project :”Out of the Country”.
This is NOT just an effect.
Its SO much more .
This is a complete propless way of enabling YOU to divine a thought of CARD, a thought of COUNTRY even a thought of CITY.
With bonus ideas for divining pin numbers and an alternate handing of the main effect. Even changing method and presenting different options to optimize the effect to suit the performer.
AND this will teach you all of the SUBTLETIES you need to bring your performance to the next level.
Mixing in ideas from WONDER WORDS, teaching efficient script and maximizing hits.
This is the perfect opening routine to establish who you are and what it is that you do.
Its easy to learn and is guaranteed to hit hard.
I CAN NOT stress this enough! There are ideas and lines in here that you will teach you not just the method but how to perform so it hits hard!