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OUT OF THIS WORLD with a twist By Jordan Victoria




Suggest an experiment to your spectator, an experiment that allows you to see if a certain connection settles down between him and your deck of card.
Without any reason, ask him if he wants to put «this card» to the left or to the right? And the following one? (Do it with 10/12 cards).

Turn the piles face up and explain that if there was a feeling, there would have had a red pile and a black pile. Unfortunatly, the experiment failed…

But you’ll do a second experiment with him. It looks similar to the first one but it is different. This time you’ll do it face up and ask your spectator to do not care about the color of the cards. This time you do it with the entiere deck (the spectator takes all the decisions).

Once the two piles are on the table, square them and say that even if you asked him to do not care about the color of the cards, the test worked.
Spread the cards face down and you can see that the deck is devided by 2, one half has a red back and the other one has a blue back.

– Extremely easy to do.
– High impact on your spectator.
– Practical.
– No gimmick.
– No funny move.