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Overboard by Timothy Krass




Timothy Krass has taken the mentalism world by storm having toured his show on five continents and being the youngest person to recieve the title of “Best European Mentalist.” Now, direct from his show is his visual body mentalism effect Overboard.

In Overboard the spectator writes down the name of someone who gives them positive feelings. Then through a series of physical demonstrations the spectator is shown to become weaker when they are not holding the billet, and stronger when they are. Once the physical demonstrations are over the mentalist reveals the person the spectator was merely thinking of, all without ever having seen the name.

Overboard combines classic mentalism with real world conditioning and hypnosis techniques along with a healthy dose of the types of physical effects that make the Georgia Magnet so popular. Timothy also tips some of his excellent work on The Umbrella Move, a peak that belongs in the arsenal of any mentalist. This powerhouse routine combines the mental and the physical to send your audience Overboard.

In the creator’s own words:
Overboard has been with me for a long time. What makes it unique among mentalism routines is that your participant will actually physically feel the effect happening to their own body.

Overboard is an impromptu, modular mentalism sequence. It’s extremely flexible in terms of presentation, very simple to execute and absolutely convincing to both your audience and your participant.

May you and your audiences enjoy it as much as we have. – Timothy