Paul Draper Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Paul Draper shares an amazing half-hour stage mentalism act that you can carry in your pocket! This fantastic show can play fully surrounded, up close, on TV, or for an audience of any size. The essential carry-on act that Paul Draper takes everywhere just in case an airline loses his luggage, this is visual, funny, and playful mentalism that is easy to do, will get big reactions, and is all themed around an unforgettable mind-reading trip to Las Vegas!

Mental Roulette: The mentalist predicts ahead of time where the ball will land, and everyone is a winner!

Liar’s Poker: You can’t lie to the mentalist – I’ve got your number!

Let’s Make A Deal: Everyone walks away with cash and prizes!

First Kiss: Do you kiss and tell? The mentalist knows all – and tells all! – in this impossible revelation!

Fortune Cookies: You’ve gotta eat in Vegas! What will your fortune be? The mentalist knows!

Divining for Sin: Singing, drinking, tearing off your clothes, and… saving your soul? The perfect end to a great night in Vegas!