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Paul Vigil – Diplopia


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Paul Vigil – Diplopia

From the creator of Ladybug. A deck is borrowed and shuffled. The spectator and magician boththink of cards. This is a completely free choice.

The spectator is asked to read the magician’s mind and remove the card they feel is being concentrated upon. The magician does the same. With no questions asked the magician finds the spectator’s card – and the spectator finds the magician’s!

Diplopia is completely impromptu and can be done with a borrowed deck. This is not your average card trick.

This is the decription directly from Steve Fearsons new site from where this effect is being sold(http://www.emagicsupply.com/index.ph…3f08b824332918)
This is one of the few card effects that I would use in my mentalism routine, its that direct and powerful.

The method is diaobalical. Uses almost no sleights( the one ‘sleight’ it uses I dont actually consider a real sleight), no forces, no stacks, no memorization. What it does use has mostly been forgotten by older magi, and is pretty much unknow to everyone else. It is straight forward and simple though it WILL take a bit of work( a day or so depending on he person)

I have yet to erform this personally, but, I promise it WILL fool the pants off anyone you show this too! I mean just check out what all these highly respected magicians have to say about it:

“One of the most baffling card effects I have ever experienced! Now it can be in your tool kit.”

– Jeff McBride

“I spend my life traveling and believe me I have seen my share of card locations. I have never and I mean never, been so fooled by any other card location…EVER! When Paul finally got tired of me begging to know the method I was even more impressed at how clever it really was.”

– Chris Kenner

“The effect and procedure are clear and well structured; imbued with mystery and impact. Your nuanced mix of methods is more than just clever combination or variation. Diplopia matters.”

– Michael Weber


– Paul Harris

Its an instant download pdf. Very well put together and well written with quality pics when needed.

This is a great effect, an absolute killer! Though I do believe that it is highly UNDERPRICED. AT only $15 I know that I wont be the only one performing this, which saddens me; ). So is you like the way the effect sounds and think its something that you would perform GET IT! YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED. Feel free to ask any questions, and thanks for reading.