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Paul Vigil – Sympathy (For The Devil) Cards


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The classic Sympathetic cards plot, but with NO gaffs, it uses a regular deck, the spectator cuts the deck where they like, free choice…the spectator chooses a half…free choice, no Magicians force or anything…you demonstrate what they are about to do with their half by mixing your half…some face up, some face down as well…and then they do the same…mix it AS MUCH as they like, really they do! Then the cards are all turned over, and they match the pairs of your pile! (That description really doesn’t do the effect justice so far) Now, there are no switches or funny moves here, they really are the two packets which have been on view the entire time, spectators could literally burn your hands and the packets throughout the entire routine so far and not see anything…because there is nothing to see!

But there is more: A prediction which has also been in view the ENTIRE time, and can even be given out before the effect is opened, and seen to match the order of the cards perfectly! Absolutely incredible!!! All without any gaffs, a normal deck of cards, no switches or ANY sleight of hand!

This routine really is diabolicly clever, and it fools both laymen and Magicians! Including yourself when you first try it out!

The other great thing about this are the tips and ideas given from other world class Magicians and creators.