Peter Turner’s Weekly Ramble Episode One: Book Test




In this video, Peter divulges his amazing thinking behind making the simple book test truly beautiful.

This is a no frills, 25 minute long video in which you will feel like you’re sat in a comfortable setting with Peter, having a conversation about mentalism where he gives you his real work on the subject in hand. You will also get to see Peter perform one of his favourite book test routines.

In this video:

– You will learn some very deceptive physical techniques to force words in books with Peter’s touches.

– You’ll learn some very clever psychological techniques to turn a simple force and reveal in to something so much more.

– You’ll learn how to reveal actual thoughts, not just words.

– How to properly justify books, not over justify.

– And more!

This video will be best received by the beginner and intermediate mentalist, but the more advanced performers will also be able to draw valuable information from the one on one.