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Predict-Tac-Toe by Richard Osterlind




“It brings me great joy to have tools like this in my back pocket for impromptu situations. This will be particularly effective performing a prediction casually and quickly in a wide variety of situations. Once you learn this tool it will be a fun thing that you will always have and be ready to use.” – Paul Draper

Predict-Tac-Toe is a classic prediction effect with a simple game everyone is familiar with. Using what seems like an ordinary game of Tic-Tac-Toe you can predict the future, show a very strong coincidence, or even control the mind of your opponent. Originally created by Richard Osterlind, and now presented by Simone Turkington, this is Predic-Tac-Toe.

Here’s what happens:

You propose a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe with one of your spectators. You make the first move, and after that your friendly opponent is free to make any move they want. After a spirited game you come to a draw. That’s when you allow them to open an envelope that has been sitting out in the open the entire time. Inside is a photograph with a prediction of the exact outcome of the game. They can keep the photograph and the game, because everything is examinable.

Building off the excellent work of Martin Gardner, Richard Osterlind’s Predict-Tac-Toe takes this mental mystery to a whole new level of impossibility. Easy to do, and requiring no special gimmicks, you can even have the final prediction in your wallet or on your social media. Predict-Tac-Toe is a real winner.