Prop-less Drawing Duplication by Fraser Parker (PDF)





This release is Fraser’s answer to the prop-less drawing duplication plot. It was born out of ideas contained in Phedon’s wonderful prop-less drawing duplication Proteus. Fraser was lucky enough to be given a review copy personally by Phedon and to be made privy to it’s secrets before it’s official release. This set Fraser’s mind off on it’s own tangents which ultimately lead to this simplified solution – which eliminates the need for an anagram or the use of multiple fishing statements to be used.

Fraser’s method is both “different AND similar” in Phedon’s words and it is with his blessing this release is being made available.

The spectator tries to guess what drawing the performer has in mind and this ultimately leads to the performer successfully divining the thought of drawing of the spectator.

NO anagramming of letters. NO need for multiple fishing statements. NO jumping through letters of the alphabet ala FALSE MESSIAH.

Only words and the structure of the routine itself are used to create a prop-less miracle!