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Psychic Criminal by Chris Rawlins




“Psychic Criminal is a powerhouse. Commercial, clever and engaging for real audiences. It’s easy to perform allowing you to really present the routine to the audience with power. Highly recommended” -LUKE JERMAY

“Chris has created a fantastic effect with Psychic Criminal. It has everything, an engaging plot with multiple phases that elevate towards a stunning climax AND the method is an absolute delight. A genuinely new principle that is both subtle and devious.” -MARC PAUL

“A really smart set of ideas put together in to a routine that I think real people will really care about.” -KENNEDY

“A five star idea! I can’t wait to try it!” -MARC SALEM

A secret so good, it should be criminal.

Psychic Criminal gives you the power to demonstrate real mind reading with a very commercial and easy to do presentation. Immediately they will be hooked by the premise and will be blown away by the finale.

First you demonstrate the ability to locate a spectators bank card then you reveal part of their bank card number. WITHOUT ever seeing the card.

This is a secret you can carry with you all the time and you will use this. It’s one of those mentalism secret weapons that allows you to seemingly do real mind reading under test conditions with borrowed objects.