ReSealed Verified Pack Shawn Farquhar




Imagine this, a brand new sealed deck of playing cards is opened, then shuffled with cards being put faced up and faced down. The mixed up cards are clearly shown to be mixed then are being put back in the card box. The card box is signed, then locked in between a spectator’s closed grip, and in an instant, the deck RESEALS itself!

On opening and examining the now brand new re-sealed deck, you’ll find the whole deck back in new deck order! Aces to Kings, Suited! Everything can be examined and there’s basically nothing to hide!

If you were to add ONE routine to your working repertoire, this should be it. Shawn used this particular technique on Penn & Teller Fool Us on live television. It is his go-to technique when he wants to fool magicians. He has also won 5 AWARDS at the Magic Olympics (FISM) with the technique taught in RSVP!

If you’re truly a magic enthusiast, RSVP is a MUST have in your collection. Shawn reveals everything in this in-depth tutorial and goes to lengths to explain the inner workings of this fine piece of art.