REVOLVE by Nicholas Lawrence




Revolve is a utility device that includes visually stunning effects! This project includes: Changes, Transpositions and even Vanishes of a folded card. Hyper visual effects like never before! The card morphs from one color to another in an instant and can be done in numerous ways – you can even let the magic happen in the spectator’s hand! With any of the numerous effects included, the card can be unfolded and handed out for examination and even given away as a souvenir of this magical moment.

And did we mention it comes FULLY built and completely ready to go out of the box?

– No elastic or delicate materials

– Fully examinable

– Multiple routines & ideas included, with bonus ideas from Calen Morelli

– Gimmick can be set and left in view until ready to perform

– Gimmick redesigned and built with durable materials to ensure thousands of performances