Right on the Money by R. Paul Wilson




On The Money is a fantastically offbeat effect that you can give to your audience like a delayed action miracle. You’re audience can choose to experience the magic now, or to have a enjoy the magic later at a time of their choosing. This is going to be something you will want to carry with you all the time.

Here’s what happens:

Change is gathered up from a group and placed in a glass. A plastic bag empty save for a single folded slip of paper is introduced. A spectator is invited to pinch a random amount of coins from the glass which is then dropped inside the bag with the slip of paper and then sealed. Now the audience member is given the bag, the coins, and the prediction and given the option to open it now, or later. Whenever they choose. When they do open it written on the piece of paper is the exact amount of change they chose to put in the bag.

R Paul Wilson has done all the work to make this minor miracle play with incredible power. Easy to do, and requiring no gimmicks this one is perfect for when you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience. This is On The Money.