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Robert E. Neale – Life, Death & Other Card Tricks


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Robert E. Neale – Life, Death & Other Card Tricks


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In Robert E. Neale’s world, “Twisting the Aces” is not just a demonstration of cards turning magically face up. It’s a humorous contest between Samurai warriors and flies. When cards are eliminated and chosen, the result is not just a successful prediction. It’s a game of life and death. When the cards of a poker hand multiply, vanish and change, it does so not in a magician’s hands, but in those of WC Fields. When a card vanishes and reappears, it is not just a display of skill. It’s a quick trip between dream and reality. And when a spectator’s selection disappears from the deck, he is not just surprised, he’s made immortal. This, then, is the world of Robert E. Neale. It is a different world than you are used to, and it will take you and your audiences to places you’ve never been before -. especially with a deck of cards Over 60 presentations using normal playing cards 414 pages in hardcover..