Rubber Band Hysteria by Josh Burch




Included Effects:

Transmutation: The magician’s fingers and thumb are held by the spectator. The rubber band impossible leaps from the fingers to the thumb.

Transmutation 2: Joe Rindfleisch’s favorite sequence in this project. A rubber band wrapped around your fingers visually jumps to your thumbs that are locked together.

Nuclear Ninjitsu: A rubber band wrapped around fingers on your left-hand jumps to fingers on your right-hand with just a chop.

Stanley Collins: A new take on the classic jumping rubber bands effect by Stanley Collins. This resembles the classic effect but on steroids.

Retro-Mutagen: A rubber band wrapped around the spectator’s hand, instantly jumps to the spectator’s wrist.

Arrhythmia: An intimate take on Hansen Chien’s Touch, the rubber band jumps from your hand to a spectator’s hand at chest level.

New Band Through Thumb: In one of the most visual and impossible moments of the entire project, a rubber band wrapped twice around the thumb passes through in slow motion. You have to see it to believe it. Special thanks to Ed Ellis.

The material in this project ranges from the extraordinarily easy to more challenging. You’ll also learn how to set up and prepare for each effect in real time. These pieces can be added to anyone’s rubber band repertoire almost immediately. This is Rubber Hysteria by Josh Burch.