Rubinstein Coin Magic by Dr. Michael Rubinstein (PDF)




A lifetime of coin magic and learning has been jam-packed into this unbelievable treatise on sleight-of-hand coin magic from Dr. Michael Rubinstein.

Rubinstein Coin Magic is destined to be an instant classic. This will become one of the signature books that all future coin magic books are measured against.

This massive 500+ page volume is filled with more than 90 amazing routines and over 50 original techniques taught with exceptional detail and 930 high-quality illustrations. There is even a complete BONUS section filled with over 400 puns and one-liners for any occasion.

In addition to discussing the coin tricks Dr. Michael Rubinstein has been performing and teaching for more than 50 years, Rubinstein Coin Magic explores some exclusive new ideas, plots and techniques that have never been seen anywhere else.