Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will they teach?
Water in Eye– This “do as I do” routine has hilarious moments with an audience volunteer jumping into a rain poncho and then successfully following your every move… that is until you appear to drink water with your eye and proceed to spout it out your mouth in a nice neat stream.

Skewer through Cheek- A large knitting needle is gruesomely pushed through your cheek, the audience is aghast until they learn it’s all a gag.

Mental Floss- A modeling balloon is partially inflated and then pushed up the performer’s nose and pulled out the mouth. The air in the balloon is then squeezed back and forth from nose to mouth.

Can on Finger- An ordinary can of food is brought high into the air and then smashed down onto the magicians finger with no ill effects or pain whatsoever.

The Kernel Catch- This “bullet catch” style effect is simple and gross. A popcorn kernel is loaded into a straw and fired across the stage toward the magicians mouth, however it misses its intended target and winds up in the magicians eye.