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Silversmith by Danny Goldsmith




Danny Goldmsmith is a Buddhist. Not to be confused with religion, like magic, Buddhism is simply a way of life.

The aspiration is to reach enlightenment. A deeper connection to the magic in the world around you.

It’s this soft, smooth, karmic-thinking that puts Danny’s coin work into another dimension. Whatever it took, we had to get him to Ellusionist.

A few months ago we had a meeting with Danny to scratch off one item from his bucket list… visiting Nepal. Our goal, to bring the magic community something authentic. No fancy penthouses & no room service.

The genie, for the first time, filmed from inside the bottle.

A zen, stripped-back spiritual setting to unpack the essence of good coin magic… and we got what we wanted.

After a laborious 26 hours of flights and connections, Danny and our team landed in Kathmandu, Nepal… a place that 1 in 10 people would have trouble finding on a map.

There, we filmed 4, completely gimmickless powerhouse routines from his refined repertoire:

– Crazy Man’s Coin Cuffs.

– Charmed.

– Split & Splice.

– Atomic Orbiting Coins.

+ BONUS DG Retention Vanish.