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Sly Palm by Rick Holcombe




You will learn:

* The SLY PALM position and handling of the coin. A new, original idea!
* NO GIMMICKS. Use your own regular coins and personal hands.
* Two brand new BAREHAND displays that convincingly and most importantly subtly show your hands empty. One has limited display angles while the other has excellent cover. Both have amazing possibilities!
* Bunches of Brand New VANISHES and PRODUCTIONS.
* Cool color changes, steals, click pass, transfers and other SNEAKY applications.
* Tons of TIPS and ideas to put Sly Palm in your practiced routines. It’s very easy to plug into what you already perform!
* ROUTINE: High & Dry -A multi-phase vanish and reappearance of 3 coins with barehands that feels and looks right!
* BONUS ROUTINE: Dollar to Dollar. A fingertip Paper Bill to Coin transposition.
* Run time of 40+ MINUTES.
* BEGINNER to ADVANCED. The Sly Palm itself is a beginner sleight and has lots of beginner applications! The main routine taught will take some practice. There is intermediate and advanced material in this project, but The Sly Palm meets you where you are at!
* Learn via Copeland Coins’ original teaching method, DAVE. Yay!
* Taught with SUPERIOR clarity and pace by a great teacher.
* EVERYTHING revealed!