Soul by Mario Lopez




Poof. GONE. In a cloud of smoke. Three cigarettes vanish, ONE-BY-ONE without a TRACE.. in mid-air. Placed into an invisible floating cigarette box… what Mario Lopez affectionately calls the pack’s SOUL.

With intense mental focus, the soul floats down and reembodies its physical form. When the earthly cigarette pack is opened, the 3 cigarettes tumble out, utterly unaware of their role in one of the most amazing displays of close-up magic you’ve ever seen.

Not only is this video a chance to learn the signature close-up piece of a an underground bohemian magic master, it’s also a mini master-class in sleight-of-hand.

PROFESSIONALS: The choreography and routining of SOUL are superb. Mario has created a masterpiece. You will learn 3 vanishes, and powerful subtleties that turn “something clever” into an instant classic.

Geniuses can’t control the flow of brilliant ideas, so when a gifted magic creator is around cigarettes regularly, he will inevitably create magic with cigarettes. Lucky for the non-smoking crowd, crayons and pencils are suitable substitutes.