Spectator’s Choice by Steven Daniels




Imagine the ‘Magician’s Choice’ plot where the magician has no control over which objects are chosen to stay or go. This is Spectators’ Choice where spectators are in complete control and end up completely baffled.

You make your prediction before spectators place their own items onto the table.

The objects are split into two piles. One spectator chooses a pile, another spectator gets to decide if that pile stays or goes. If they say it goes, it goes; without hesitation.

The items are split into piles again and the process is repeated until only one item is left.

The name of the final item left on the table matches what is written on the prediction.

Your spectators have witnessed a completely impossible feat of magic.

It takes seconds to reset

No gimmicks

No stooges

All you need is stuff to write predictions on and a pen.