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Spotlight on Coins by John Carey




“Spotlight on Coins” is a collection of six coin routines developed and honed to perfection by John Carey. The emphasis here is on maximum effect with minimal effort. You do NOT need advanced experience with coins to perform these fine tricks. Instead, consider these coin effects to be the absolute easiest you are likely to find with coins, yet the magic is still quite strong and surprising.

The value on this “Spotlight” series is tremendous. Think of it less as a download of tricks and more of a chance to sit down with John Carey and get a masterclass in easy-to-do coin magic. You get SIX routines for the price of one:

SpellOne: A sampler routine that starts with a Spellbound routine and ends with a “big” finish. Easy to do, resets instantly, and could be your next opener.

Equicoins: You show coins from around the world and perfectly predict a freely-chosen coin.

International Hanging Coins: You cause three unique, different coins, to hang invisibly in the air, and then cause them to reappear.

Slow-motion Copper Silver: Exactly as the name implies, this is a stunning transposition of a copper and silver coin.

Hooked: Another handling of the hook coins plot, this whimsical routine is easy on sleights and high on impact.

Streamlined Coins to Purse: This is a lesson in eliminating unnecessary phases and movements. Using a lighter as a magic wand, you cause three coins to disappear, and reappear inside a coin purse.