Stack Watch by Peter Turner




Stack Watch by Peter Turner
(Gimmick not included)
NOTE: Stack Watch completely sold out on Pre-order, so due to popular demand, we’re opening up the pre-PRE-order. The next 1,000 watches are already being made as you read this. Today, you can secure one for yourself.

By joining the queue and purchasing during this Pre-pre-order phase today, you’ll be guaranteeing you get a watch from our next run of STACK. ETA = June 1st.

For those lucky 1,000 people that ordered during our first pre-order, your watches have dispatched and you’ll be receiving them imminently.


What time is it?

What position is the 5 of clubs in mnemonica?

One quick glance at your watch during performance can tell you both pieces of information.

THE STACK WATCH is the world’s first anti-memory wearable for stack work in card magic.

A covert, must-wear device for deciphering a stacked deck… Without you having to ever know stack.

Dynamically tracking the ever-changing position of every card in a mixed deck.


There’s a reason millions of gym memberships go to waste and diets always start ‘NEXT’ Monday.

People are busy and the lowest task on their priority list gets kicked to the curb.

Mnemonica is without a doubt, one of the strongest, most incredible tools in magic. There’s a reason Blaine’s TV and private performances contain a lot of mem-deck stuff… but it’s damn hard to learn.

You always tell yourself you will, but you won’t.

The good news with THE STACK WATCH is that it puts Mnemonica back on the table… Like a giant calorie-free sundae for magic.

You don’t need to try to learn it, because the watch is there for you, exactly when you need it. It’s instant, requires no work, no memory songs, no concentration and no testing.

Everything you can do with mnemonica has just been made simple, because you don’t have to learn it.

Don’t say I will. Say I don’t need to.