Sunrise by Patrick Redford




With Sunrise, you won’t just tell which hand a hidden object is in.. you’ll even be able to tell them WHOSE HANDS they’re in! AND MUCH MORE.

This is what real mind-reading looks like.

You don’t need a notepad or a sharpie marker. You don’t need blind-folds or duct tape. Just your clever, clever mind and an audience.

Liberate yourself from specific props. Grab ANY 4 things that are near you. Napkin? Sure. Keys? Great. Anything and everything becomes a prop, and you can demonstrate super-human abilities.

The most exciting thing about “Sunrise” is that you can dress the tricks up any way you like. Patrick uses the methods he teaches this video as pulse-reading routine, lie-detection routine, pupil-dilation-reading and more.

The tricks taught in Sunrise are sure-fire, reputation-making miracles for professional mentalists STRAIGHT OUT OF PATRICK’S professional repertoire.