Tarbell 82 Stage Productions




U.F. Grant’s Carton Production:
You will learn how to make an innocent-looking cardboard box that can be shown completely empty, yet allows you to produce just about anything you want.

The Square and Circle Production:
Two routines using the versatile Square and Circle production box. Produce anything you want on stage. When you really want to go big on a budget, you can’t do much better than this.

Vincent Malmstrom’s Organ Pipe Routine:
Three tubes are shown empty yet produce a bountiful banquet of food and beverages sure to impress all your guests.

The Doll House Illusion:
A brand new design for the infamous Doll House illusion allowing the entire interior to be displayed.

Christopher’s Slot Machine Illusion:
Produce a Las Vegas Showgirl from an antique slot machine.