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Tarbell 91 Late Arrivals




Morty Rudnick’s Coin-flation: You’ll learn how to make a coin grow, from a normal size penny, into a jumbo coin.

Herb Zarrow’s Switch-Change: A coin switching move that happens at your fingertips. It could be used as a switch or a color change.

Sam Schwartz’s Telephone Number Prediction: Learn how to predict the exact line of text, randomly chosen from an ungimmicked book

The Personalized Paddle: Dan teaches you how to make your own magic paddle, and gives you a great routine where you can give the paddle away as a souvenir.

Bob McAllister’s Cavorting Sponge Balls: A matrix / assembly routine using sugar cubes!

Herb Zarrow’s “Trapese”: A flourishy way to reveal a chosen card. Perfect for cardists.

Pavel’s Blow-Knot: Three silks magically tie themselvefs together in midair.

Jeff Altman’s Three Happenings: A solid multiphase card routine ending with an ace production.

Jack Tillar’s “Blister”: Harlan’s straightforward presentation for the famous blister trick.

Mike Tannen’s Sliding & Vanishing Knot: Learn how to tie a moving and vanishing knot.

Bob McAllister’s Linking Balloons: 3 party balloons, tied into circles, magically penetrate each other, linking them together.

Brooks Conner’s Baffling Bayer Box: A trapped coin escapes from a mint tin, and reappears inside the deck of cards, next to the selection.

Copper or Silver: Copper and silver coins are interlaced and the spectator chooses which will penetrate the table.