Tarbell 96 Oriental Magic




Tarbell’s Elusive Cannon Crackers: A couple of magical markers that switch places multiple times before ultimately changing color.
The Hindu Climbing Balls: An odd demonstration of physics.
The Hindu Jar of Grain: Peanuts and chocolate chips are mixed together in a bag, and magically transform into peanut butter cups.
The Hindu Disappearing Grain: Transform an entire box of bran cereal into a beer!
Chinese Color-Changing Coins: A stack of 1 dollar poker chips visibly increase in value until they all turn into $100.
The Chinese Sticks: A classic of comedic conjuring, and Harlan will even show you how to construct your own set.
The Chinese Production Box: A magic top hat disappointingly only produces silk handkerchiefs when what you really want is a whole lot of money.
Mystery of the Paper Ball, Egg, Frog, & Baby Chicken: While attempting a simple translocation of a borrowed bill, a series of unexpected transformations occurs. First, the bill changes into a golf ball, then a bunch of gold coins appear, and finally a mess of worms. Eventually, the signed bill successfully finds its way to its new location.

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