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The Andrich Reverse a’CAAN by Paul Andrich




Any Card At Any Number has been around in the magic world for a long time.

Most versions of the A’CAAN involve a lot of sleight of hand, stacked decks, calculated risks and tons of practice.

This isn’t a full ACAAN, in the sense that the first card is found as directed by the magician to the spectator after the spectator has shuffled the deck. The thought process is to suggest to the spectator that the first card they’re directed to find is to display the randomness of the shuffled deck. Which it is random.

This version is easy to do, super easy to learn, involves almost no sleight of hand at all and can be done impromptu using a borrowed deck(in one of the versions). The deck can also be examined before and after the trick as well.

This trick is easy enough to learn for a hobbiest magician who wants to amaze their friends and relatives, but also packs enough punch to be in your repertoire if you’re a professional magician.