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The False Shuffle Project By Eddie McColl




I am really excited to announce a download that has been highly requested when I’ve attended conferences, workshops and gatherings over the past 10 years. In the Table Shuffle Project I teach how I do Edward Marlo’s ‘Strip Out shuffle’. I have spent over a decade studying Marlo’s Riffle Shuffle Systems and in this download share my interpretation of this false shuffle. But wait, there’s more.
On top of the strip out shuffle, I also include a breakdown of the Push Through shuffle, and a latter improvement, the Pinch Through shuffle. Adding any one of these shuffles to your arsenal will put you in a great position as a magician and card technician. I also break down techniques for carrying out top and bottom block transfers using the strip out shuffle. These transfers can be easily adapted to the alternative false shuffles, so you can chose the technique that is more suited to your situation. I have also included a centre transfer technique derived from the Steven’s Control.

This is not a download to watch once and instantly master the techniques. Like my other downloads, this breaks down the moves with multiple angles and close ups to help you understand how the moves work, and show you how they can look. I have been honing these techniques for 15+ years to get them to where they are today, and I am still improving them. But with diligent practice you will certainly be able to accomplish these techniques.

Professional Reviews
“The subtleties are so darn good. This is a forever project that will make you look like a real pro. Highly recommended.” – Geno Munari
“A friend asked me if I liked Eddie McColl’s Shuffle Project 1 and I responded I did not like it (pause) I loved it!” – Howard Hamburg

“These are crystal clear multi-angle shots explained with minutia from the Master himself.” – Jean Jacques Sanvert

“This is must for any serious student of riffle shuffle work.” – Jack Carpenter
“Eddie McColl’s Shuffle Project download is a great way to learn.” – Ron Conley

“A precise, detailed tutorial that will put students firmly on the path to perfection.” – R.Paul Wilson

“A fantastic resource for the discerning table riffle shuffler. Highly Recommended.” – George McBride

This HD download contains multiple angles and on-screen annotations to help you follow along with what I’m doing. Being able to execute any one of these shuffles will improve your table magic. Each shuffle maintains the full deck order, and both the strip-out and pinch-through shuffles can be ‘paused’ mid-way through. Giving you the flexibility of being able to take your hands away from the deck mid-way, disarming your audience. Alongside these false shuffles, I break down top and bottom block transfers. These block transfers enable you to move cards around as you cut and shuffle the deck, keeping needed elements under control.
To show the power of these utility moves, I have included two full ace production effects that use false shuffles and block transfers.

NOTE: This download assumes you are are a competent card handler and can add cards on during a shuffle.
Skill Rating: Intermediate to Expert
Cutting the 4 Aces (Performance)
Cutting the 4 Aces (Explanation)
Strip-out shuffle
Top and Bottom transfers
Push-through shuffle
Pinch-through shuffle
Cutting the 4 Aces II (Performance)
Cutting the 4 Aces II (Explanation)
Steven’s Control