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The Friendship Game by Larry Hass




Larry Hass is the dean of the McBride Mystery School, and a specialist in applying deep psychology and scripting techniques to make his magic seriously fooling. His borrowed card stunners series updates classic card magic that can be performed at a moment’s notice with a borrowed shuffled deck. This is Larry’s go to closer when he’s performed for heads of state and corporate clients. This is Friendship Game.

Here’s what happens:

From a shuffled deck the performer takes out two prediction cards and lays them openly on the table. The deck is then handed to a spectator who decides how many cards from the deck we should use. Those cards are given to the second spectator who divides them into two piles. The top cards of those piles perfectly match the prediction cards.

Larry has taken the structure of a wonderful Johnny Thompson trick requiring no sleight of hand, and added a compelling presentation about friendship, as well as some excellent psychological convincers to self working principles that you will be able to apply to the rest of your magic. This is a trick that involves multiple spectators, and gets great reactions, while being practically self working. Learn from the dean of the McBride Mystery School how you and your audience can play The Friendship Game.