The Jafi Read By Adrien Lochon (PDF)





Too often, our time is spent trying to make ourselves look as impressive as possible, but what truly makes a performer memorable is the connection he can make with his audience. The Jafi Read is an exploration of how to have a magical conversation and truly connect with someone. It does happen to feature a star sign reveal that blends perfectly with the conversation you’re having with the participant and might be the most captivating presentation for the plot available today, but the real value of it is how everything comes together and gives you the tools to engage with your participant in a meaningful way.

With The Jafi Read, conversation is the method. You can perform this with absolutely nothing on you. There’s no anagrams, no guessing of letters and no long procedures. Nothing feels out of place and there’s no deception to be found.

No stone is left unturned: the mindset and psychological tools are laid out, there are multiple variations of the star sign reveal and even a simplistic – but ultimately very effective – system for readings.

The Jafi Read was previewed to other performers for months now. See what they’ve all been raving about: This is the way that propless was meant to be.