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The Whisper Tapes The Thought Seer Vol 2 by Lewis Le Val




In Vol 2 of The Whisper Tapes, Le Val shares a fantastic routine known as The Thought Seer. Cleverly designed for walk around or casual performances, the routine happens as follows;

Every spectator is handed a small piece of paper.
They write/draw whatever you ask of them. (A free choice of any word/number/shape etc)

The papers are folded and collected, then shuffled by a spectator.

One by one, each piece is held in your closed fist, and you are able to accurately describe what is written or drawn on the paper, AND who it belongs to!

Points to remember:

– You can reveal ANY information
– NO gimmicks
– NO setup
– Start and end completely CLEAN!

While it is recommended to perform this routine for 3-5 people, it can be performed for any number of spectators.