The Whisper Tapes Vol 4 Aura by Lewis Le Val




Give your spectators the ability to sense and reveal secret information!

This is “spectator as mind reader” as clean as it comes. The PERFORMER writes or draws on any number of business cards, which are mixed face down on the table. The SPECTATOR can then correctly identify the information on each card!

Anything can be written or drawn. Words, shapes, names, emotions, etc. One by one you ask your spectator to try and sense the location of each item written. For example, you have written emotions on each of the cards. You ask your spectator to try and locate the card that contains the word “happiness”. Once they have made their selection, you draw a happy face on the back of the card to signify their choice. This is then repeated with all of the cards. At the end of the routine, the cards are turned face up, and the spectator will see that they have correctly identified each one!

This routine works perfectly EVERY TIME and only relies on one extremely simple move to achieve!

All you will need to perform Aura are some blank business cards and a pen, and around 30 seconds to set up.