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Thinking Outside the Box by Hanson Chien & Kevin Li




This is local lecture DVD, speaking Chinese but easy to understand. Over 3 hours, only limited 150 copies in the world.
This is a Chinese lecture commemorative disc, with a total length of more than 3 hours, limited to a total of 150!
Lecture Content
[First half] Kevin Li
F.O.B is Kevin Li’s many years of poker opening effect, always make the audience surprise! At the workshop, Jane will also show his variant version, giving F.O.B a different look.
How fast is the hand faster than the eye? The film 24 frames per second, which means that the eye can track at least 24 a second screen, so if you want the eyes of the audience for any action, need more than 1/24 seconds faster, to the limits of mankind Almost impossible … but why Kevin Li can be in the audience attention under the hands and feet?
-Freeze Frame & Pipped Out
Magic finger can deny any change in shape? Does the ink on poker really exist? Or are the illusions are empty? Whether real or illusory, as long as your imagination is enough, all the logic of things may occur … …
-Apple TnR
You are my little apple small apple … Little Apple Divine Comedy popular north and south, but also aroused the creative desire of Kevin! Continuation of today’s magic circle of the creation of Organic atmosphere, let Kevin to tell you what is the real Organic! To ensure that a super “Terrier.”
For 4,000 years, the ring is a symbol of love or power, each ring in the master’s uncompromising attention to detail, are unique existence, the production of materials including metal, precious stones, plastic, wood, etc. … even if you never have a ring ,do not worry! As long as there is material at the scene, Kevin can be handmade anytime, anywhere!
Whether you are an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, or Samsung and LG mobile phone, after years of destruction, will leave an indelible mark, especially every day to come into contact with the keys … When these parts are old, you can Choose to send the original factory to Guanghua shopping malls repair, or to Kevin Li to help you lift the incurable diseases!
-Recycled & Opposite vanishing Gum
What kind of magic, magician Derek McKee decided to help Kevin to release this idea? American living magic will be staged in the study site … even in Taiwan can play this effect, and Kevin will be aimed at Taiwan’s magician to make improvements in the ground!
[Second half] Hanson Chien
-Wink / come in handy
3 years ago, Jane and Li Ming in the darkness of the night a month high, stirring each other’s creativity … Suddenly, Jane a handy letter, so that Obama shocked, one billion people are silent! But also in the year the British FISM venue by the many praise, but also because of this magic, inspired the underground genius Li Ming’s creative inspiration! But that’s another story …
– Bill Gates
Imagination is your superpower … Imagination is an invisible energy, seemingly invisible, but walk in our daily life, as long as you can manipulate this energy, and training their own will to concentrate … Imagination is your super ability!
Reality / reality
Magic technician Marco Tempest blurring the boundaries of reality and illusion, attracting the audience praise: “50 years after the magic should be like this!” Now you do not have to take the time machine, have the opportunity to experience the real charm of the early 50 years .
-Pure Coin / chain gold
Jane a few will be used to perform the coin magic, direct, pure, even the coin master Ponta the Smith have been this move to fool … Jane secret possession of years of secrets will be the first public!
– Lucky Star
As seen on TV! Inspired by Scott Hitchcock’s “The Programmed Rubber Band” in 1993, it was hailed by the original Scott as one of the best improvements of the moment.
– Blow away / madman laugh
In 1970, A. Setterington published the magic “Get away”, a sensation … … then by H. Zarrow modified by Daryl named “The Crazy Man’s Handcuffs” (madman handcuffs). In 1989, Micheal Ammar published teaching after the spread … 2015, Jane will bring the latest madman handcuffs interpretation, even the rubber band master J. Rindfleisch have appreciated “Wow, I can not see the move … so smooth !!”
-Freeze! & Frozen band / God muscle quality
Jump off the traditional framework of the rubber band magic, listen to other magician how to say:
“I like the way you build it up … Nice effect !!”
– Author “Michael Scanzello”
“It has a similar vibe to Arthur Trace … I like this a lot !!”
– Author “Vince Mendoza”
◆ Bonus ◆
-Don’t throw garbaG.
◇ will be published in the seminar, published in the international magazines ◇
Garbage, pronunciation “ㄌ ㄜ ‘mi fa ㄜ'”, due to regional differences, can also be read as “ㄌ ㄚ ㄐ ㄧ.” Many magicians see this effect, are stunned … Jane will prove to you, even if the ordinary humble Idea, can also be recycled to create a staggering value.
-Mask Magician