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Toibox Card To Box System by Jonathan Kamm




First of all, what is Toibox? Well it’s not a box. There are plenty of those on the market. What it is is a series of utility sleights and routines designed to work with a specific style of mint tin. Mainly the mini size Altoids tins or any similar size tin will work. The moves consist of switches, transfers, loading techniques, displays, reveals and basic handling of the tin. The system is based on the Fred Kaps style of card to box with one big difference. There are no gimmicks! Now there are a lot of boxes out there you can purchase that do the trick for you. Toibox does everything those boxes do but it’s cleaner and more versatile. Plus it does things that were never possible in a card to box routine. (See list below) I’ve come up with tons of routines in the past years but I’m sure once this hits the magic community there will be hundreds more and even new moves created to add to the system. Don’t think that you have to learn the whole system. Just adding a couple Toibox moves can improve routines you already have. Since card to box was created it’s always been a one trick pony. You bring out the box. You find their card in the box. You put the box away.
With Toibox you can do full routines with the tin. With multiple revelations and multiple phases using multiple selections and even multiple tins. The tins are available everywhere. Go buy yourself a couple today then download Toibox. You will be glad you did!