Trost-Worthy by David Regal




A multiple climax effect from David Regal that requires no sleight of hand and leaves your audience stunned. Trost-Worthy doesn’t even use a whole deck. Just eight cards, no gimmicks, and a couple of clever principles and you will get fireworks with this killer packet trick.

Here’s what happens:

The magician takes eight cards out of the deck and hands four of them to the spectator. Both the magician and the spectator mix the cards behind their back and then trade one card. They both turn the traded cards face up and place them in the middle of their packets before bringing the cards back into play. The first revelation is that the face-up cards are mates. The second revelation is that they are in the same position of their respective packets. The final revelation is that all the other cards have a big black X marking them out.

David Regal has taken a classic packet trick and added the kind of details that not only make this easy to perform but a memorable experience for anyone who sees it. If you need a fast trick with just a few cards to make an impression, put your trust in Trost-Worthy.