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TRU Xtreme by Menny Lindenfeld




Menny Lindenfeld is well-known and Internationally respected for his clear and in-depth teaching that encompasses not only the smallest details, but also focuses with precision, on how each aspect of the method works… and even more importantly – Why? Each volume includes excellent tips on moves, angels, plus performance demonstrations with a real spectator.

In VOLUME #01 you’ll learn the core principle behind TRU™ Xtreme, and how to use it for an endless number of effects.
While a spectator holds your fingertip, a rubber-band visibly links ON & OFF your finger. The band penetrates through your finger in the most visual and impossible way.
Make a RB visibly penetrate through any spectator’s finger. (New method, different from the one taught on the first TRU™.)
Cause a RB to visibly melt off and unlink from the spectator’s finger.
Choreograph the various moves into a powerful multi-phase routine.
A new visual method to perform a Band-Through-Band effect, using two bands of contrasting colors.
Volume #01 concludes with a homage to Menny Lindenfeld’s original TRU™. Perform the CLEANEST and MOST VISUALLY-INSANE Finger-to-Finger-Jump effect ever created! (New method).
In VOLUME #02 you’ll learn another original TRU™ Xtreme method – this time using a Sharpie® marker and various other objects.
Learn the CLEANEST rubber-band-through-Sharpie® effects.
Make a RB visibly link ON & OFF the center of a Sharpie®.
Cause a RB to penetrate other objects such as: a thick marker, pencil, straw, fork, spoon, etc.
Method variation with a thick RB.
Demonstrate the effect with the neck of a borrowed beer bottle – while the spectator holds the neck-end.
Perform TRU™ Xtreme with borrowed sun/eye-glasses. Make the RB melt through the temple – while the spectator holds the temple-tip.
Choreograph the various moves into a multi-phase routine.
Volume #02 concludes with a second, ADVANCED TRU™ method using a Sharpie® and other objects – held by a spectator.
In VOLUME #03 you’ll learn another TRU™ XTREME method variation of the principle taught in Vol. #01.
With your palm upwards and flat open, wrap a RB around all the fingers. As you pull the band, it visibly melts through – one finger at a time.
Let a spectator himself pull the RB through your fingers!
A reversed method variation. Cause a RB pass through one finger at a time – in reverse!
Make a RB jump through the fingers as you lightly shake your hand.
Cause a RB penetrate two fingers with one pull.
Perform some of the moves and effects using the cord of borrowed earphones. (New method).
Menny’s all-time favorite! Cause a RB melt through your finger in SUPER SLOW MOTION. The visual effect of the RB slowly passing through the flesh of your finger looks LIKE A CAMERA TRICK!
Volume #03 includes various multi-phase routines.